Step 1: Choose your eHaus

Every eHaus is designed and constructed using the International Passive House design software.
Measured Proven performance to live by

Two model options
1. eHausEuro
2. eHausPacific

Provide the best in high performance housing.

Builds range from $2M+ to $350K, yet no matter the price tag, behind every build is a certificate of performance.

The Healthiest and most comfortable home that all eHaus owners love.

eHaus Euro

Aligned with the international Passive House standard.
5 options to choose from:-
Low Energy, Classic, Plus, Premium, EnerPhit

All meet the rigorous international standard of energy efficiency

Thermal Bridge free
Air Tight = 0.6 air changes per hour
Highest quality thermally efficient windows
Substantial levels of insulation
Mechanical Heat Recovery ventilation system – fresh filtered air, up to 98% of pollutants removed
Unprecedented heating energy efficiency – savings of over 90% on energy costs (compared to code)
Fully isolated slab including edges

eHaus Pacific

The most affordable option using proven Passive House building science

Healthy, high performing energy efficient home

eHaus validated
Thermally efficient
Air Tight – 2 air changes per hour
Thermally efficient Low E & argon gas windows
Virtually eliminates condensation, no draughts no mould
High levels of insulation
Mechanical Heat Recovery ventilation system
Significantly less heating energy required – savings of over 50% on energy costs (compared to code)
Fully isolated slab, including the edges

Step 2: Design with an expert.

It starts with the design process. Please fill out the form with your project specifics so we can best understand your goals and dreams. One of our team members will review your submission and contact you to answer any questions you have about building your eHaus, discuss your project details, or talk over next steps to get your eHaus in motion.

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Technical Specifications

Energy features:

eHaus Euro

  • Energy modelling
  • Thermal bridge modelling
  • Climate analysis
  • 90 percent heat energy reduction
  • 100 percent energy reduction Net Zero Lifestyle option
  • Passivhaus certification option

eHaus Pacific

  • Energy modelling
  • Thermal bridge modelling
  • Climate analysis
  • 60 percent heat energy reduction

Comfort features:

eHaus Euro

  • Constant-temp technology
  • Overheating minimisation
  • On-site airtightness certification
  • A8 airtight construction

eHaus Pacific

  • Constant-temp technology
  • Overheating minimisation
  • On-site airtightness certification
  • A3 airtight construction

Design features:

eHaus Euro

  • Choice of either working with an Architect from our pool of eHaus-partnered Architects or with our in house architectural designer.
  • One-on-one collaboration

eHaus Pacific

  • Design by our in house Architectural designer

Window features:

eHaus Euro

  • L2 German joinery with Uvalue of 1.4 W/m2K *[climate driven]
  • Timber construction with aluminium, weather repellent cladding
  • Flush threshold
  • Certified for use at A8 and A3 airtightness levels
  • Unlimited colour options

eHaus Pacific

  • L1 New Zealand joinery
  • uPVC joinery with Uvalue of 1.1 W/m2K or thermally-broken aluminium joinery with Uvalue of 3.85 W/m2K *[climate driven]
  • Flush threshold
  • Certified for A3 airtightness

* climate driven – eHaus will not sacrifice comfort and energy, which will make some windows unavailable in certain climates. For example, L1 thermally-broken aluminium joinery will not be available in the South Island because the resulting energy and comfort performance would be below the eHaus standard and cause condensation. Climate driven constraints are on a build-to-build basis and are easily solved so please feel free to discuss your window options on your call with an eHaus expert.