Dunedin High Street Co-housing Project Update

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Things are progressing well on the construction of the Dunedin High Street Co-housing Passive House project.

The site of the project was formally a Primary School and part of the old school buildings have been retained. One section of this has been reconfigured to create 3 apartments. The new apartments are being built to the Passive House standard, like all the other homes within the new development. Exterior cladding has been put on this week and the internal wall framing is up.

Dunedin High Street Co-housing Passive House Project
Before: Old School Buildings
Dunedin High Street Co-housing Passive House Project
Now: Old School Buildings converted into new apartments

High Street Homes
With the compaction test completed and the official go ahead from the Geo Tech Engineers, the floor slab went down this week for the High Street Houses.

View of the High Street Sites Before Groundwork started.
Progress on the High Street site – foundation and floor slabs are down, the first 3 Units are ready for concrete next week.

Floor Insulation
For the houses to be Passive House Certified, there are many standards they must meet.  One of those is the thickness of the polystyrene that is used to insulation the floor of the houses.  The thickness of the polystyrene is much greater than that of a standard build, which ensures greater energy efficiency.

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  1. I would like to talk to someone about a large site in Roxburgh that would be ideal for a similar cohousing project. I have already left a message on the answer phone but had no reply yet.

    The site was the one time Stand Childrens Village and at its closure it has gone into the land bank and is currently being administered by DoC until a decision at its eventual use in reached.

    There is much documentation online, both in the news media and in council documents about the site.

    As a disappointed potential resident of the High Strret project I am looking at other possibilities. I am a home owner in Roxburgh and work in the area.

    Could you come back to as I want to understand the process of setting up a cohousing project.

    1. Hello Pene,

      Thank you for your enquiry, we are keen to be involved in more co-Housing projects and judging by the publics reaction this is a real possibility. We will gain more background information in a personal email

  2. Is there a possibility that this could be emulated in the Bay of Plenty? Do you know if there is a group here? I am really keen to get involved.. passive housing is future proofing.. we all need it!

    1. Hi Carmen

      Thanks for your email through the website. Someone will email you directly.
      Best regards

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