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17th International Passive House Conference

In  by eHausMay 01, 2013

I have just returned from the 17th International Passive House Conference which was held in Frankfurt this year. Dr Paola Leardini of The University of Auckland and I  presented a paper that  with the help of  Renelle Gronert was written all about the history and rapid growth of Passive House buildings here in NZ. It was well received and sparked interesting conversations from other delegates from around the world. Altogether there were 34 countries represented at the conference so Passive House has truly gone global! I also had the privilege of representing the Passive House Institute NZ at the IPHA affiliates meeting along with the founder Dr Wolfgang Feist, Tomas O'Leary founder of the Passive House Academy in Ireland and America and other stars of the Passive House world. This meeting confirmed to me that the organisation is very much geared for growth as this was the central theme of the discussion.  Another highlight of the conference was tours that had been arranged to view some of the latest PH constructions. There were 8  tours, I would have liked to go on them all, but only one was possible! We saw 4 completely different examples of PH buildings ranging from a newly refurbished 1960,s office complex to an Architects office which was totally modern combined with an accommodation block which was totally historic in style, the next was a 10 minute walk around a whole subdivision of terrace houses which were varied but all to PH standard and the last a building site where construction was half way completed of a 36 apartment block designed by a French Architect to be built in 5 different countries, quite incredible.

As you can imagine I am so glad that eHaus has chosen this path only building to this incredible standard as all through the conference the same theme resounded..... buildings that are comfortable, healthy and save 80% of the energy of a normal building. Want to know more? Please email or give me a call.


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