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In  by eHausAug 16, 2011

Last Saturday 16 people from around the country met at the eHaus to learn more about how to build a Passive House.

Most of those attending were planning to build there own home in the near future and wanted to understand how it was possible to have a house that requires virtually no active heating and cooling but would stay at temperatures between 20 - 26°C all year round. The other big attraction to the Passive House standard is the savings in energy which are at least 75% when compared to a typical NZ house.

Workshop in progress

There were also 3 Architects and 3 builders on the workshop taking the opportunity to learn and gain License Building practitioner  points or equivalent professionalism development accreditation. The day was filled with theroy and practical examples in an enviroment that was perfect (22°C all day....of course with no heating on!)

Baden Brown & Jon Iliffe are planning to run more of these workshops in the future so if you are thinking of building an energy efficient home please register your interest by sending  an email.

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