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Health & Comfort ... are the claims true?

In , by eHausJun 04, 2015


My family have been looking forward to this time of year as we really get to find out if our new house will behave like eHaus said it would!  We have been monitoring five internal temperatures along with the outside temperature from the beginning of the year and as you would expect the comfort has been great. But what happens when the outside temperature falls below 5ºC and the sun disappears for a few days? The graph shows exactly what happens, with virtually no heating (we have put the tiny electric heater on in the lounge for a total of 5 hours so far this year!)  the comfortable living environment continues. So the claims are true the house remains between 20ºC and 25ºC no matter what is going on inside and out. Believe me although I am a fanatic my wife and family just live the same way any other family does, lights left on, windows and doors left open, long showers, etc but none of that has much of an impact in an eHaus. The average indoor temperature for May was 21.8ºC and the average relative humidity 52. For a house to be healthy it should have a relative humidity between 40 and 60. Outside of this is where mould and damp can cause problems to the fabric of the building and the fabric of your body! To be honest I don't think the numbers really  convey what it feels like so let me put it like this......

The showers and bathrooms dry on their own without the need for noisy extractor fans or opening windows. Towels dry on their own no heated towel rails required and no damp towels the following day. When you come home from work it is warm, no need to do anything it just is. No winter quilt or fleecy sheets required and no rush to get dressed in the morning, it's the same room temperature as in the summer. Of course if you want it to be cold no problem just leave the window open but honestly with clean, fresh, filtered air 24 / 7 why would you?

I said earlier the best way is to feel what it is like in an eHaus which is why we open the doors every other Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm so you can feel the difference yourself. (next date is June 7th) Even better, when you visit you can enter the competition, with the prize of a chance to stay in the house for a night in August with breakfast provided.

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