Keeping our little people warm

In  by BradDec 12, 2018

Monitory air quality factors that effect human health and well being is something that interests us at eHaus. Air quality is an extremely important issue. So we approached a preschool to see if we could place sensors around the centre to monitor the air quality and temperature of this standard code built facility.

The first evaluation of the monitoring showed some issues with temperature and functioning CO2 levels. The temperature dropped in the centre sometimes down to 11°C (9:00 AM), even in the middle of September. So we worked with the centre to set up a timer to activate the heaters and warm up the room before the kids arrived.

Temperature plays a big role in how we perform at work and play.
The NZ ministry of education, US EPA, CCOHA & WHO make the following definitions:
< 10°C
At even lower temperatures, the cold affects the deeper muscles resulting in reduced muscular strength and stiffened joints. Mental alertness is reduced due to cold-related discomfort. For all these reasons accidents are more likely to occur in very cold working conditions.
10°C to 17°C
Cooler environments can feel good and comfortable, but it can impair the performance of complex mental tasks such as math, counting, analysing things and judgment. Manual tasks are also impaired because the sensitivity and dexterity of fingers are reduced in the cold. All this results in a drop in productivity.
18°C to 25°C
This is the temperature range you would want to try to maintain indoors to stay comfortable.
26°C to 40°C
If you prefer to have a warmer environment, bear in mind that high temperatures are conducive for bacteria, mould or fungi growth. It is important for you to balance what you consider comfortable and high temperatures to minimise growth of bacteria. You can also open your windows to let the air circulate, provided that outside wind is cooler than indoors.

A certified Passive House has rigorous standards to ensure that a home will not drop less than 20 degrees and get no hotter than 25 degrees. Every eHaus is designed and constructed using the International Passive House design software to ensure this happens. This provides the homeowner with the assurance that the house will perform and create the ultimate healthy family living space to enjoy.

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