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No Heating Required...... come and see for yourself

In  by eHausMay 09, 2012

Thats right, since my family have moved into the eHaus there has been no heating required. The lowest outdoor temperature that we have recored so far is 2.5 degrees but inside the house it is a lovely even temperature. Every 30 minutes we are recording temperature and humidity readings around the eHaus house outside and next door in a normal house. This data will be available on the website in the coming months. It is hard to express comfort in terms of temperature alone. The biggest difference I have noticed is you are free to just get on with life not having to think about the living environment or do anything as it is always just right.

If you would like to come and see for yourself the eHaus in Wanganui is open on Sunday afternoons, you are most welcome to call in. We also have a growing number of alternative house plans for you to look at if you are planning to build.


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