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November 2015 catchup

In  by eHausNov 18, 2015

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Hello from the eHaus office,

We have had a busy few months in the head office of eHaus.  We have caught up with some of you at the Palmerston North, Wanganui, Auckland, Waikato and Wellington Home Shows.  We have enjoyed sharing about the benefits of an eHaus and some of you have shared your dreams/designs and aspirations for your new home.  Following on from these home shows, we held an information evening in each respective area and for those of you who attended, we hope you found the information helpful in your decisions moving forward.  We love hearing from our clients how much they enjoy living in their eHaus and how pleased they are making the decision to go the PassiveHaus way.  It confirms to us that this is definitely the way forward in the building industry!  So, we are committed to spreading the word and making eHaus a well known brand synonymous with passive housing and low carbon foot print in the future.

Since our last newsletter we have expanded our team and welcome on board The Building Company (2010) Ltd on the Kapiti Coast, Chatterton Builders Ltd in North Canterbury and Welch Builders & Construction Ltd in Hawkes Bay.  A show home has commenced on the Kapiti Coast and one is proposed in Hamilton next year.  We are looking forward to our input into the NZ construction industry in the future!

This article talks about some of the benefits of a certified passivehouse:

Benefits of a Certified Passive House

Knowing exactly what you get in the design stage:           
certainty of performance due to detailed modelling and a stringent quality assurance process
Extremely low energy use:   
90 - 95% less heating and cooling energy use, 60-80% overall energy savings compared to a NZ Building Code compliant building
High quality indoor air:
Controlled ventilation for a continuous, consistent supply of fresh, heated, outdoor air
Comfortable indoor temperatures:
A minimum of 20ºC all year-round, resulting in a dry, warm, healthy building
Operational and construction savings:
Vastly reduced energy bills; elimination of conventional HVAC  systems; much smaller solar systems required to reach zero energy; durable, tight building shell for lower maintenance
Proven Sustainability:
60,000+ buildings worldwide, some zero and even positive energy. 25 year track record.
 Helping the earth:
With buildings contributing 30% of all greenhouse gases, Passive  Houses  are exponentially friendlier to the  environment because of  their minimal  energy & fossil fuel consumption

Go to for other information and links on passive housing.

Moving forward:
We are negotiating with more ebuilders over the country as new builds come to fruition, so talk to us about your build.  In 2016, it is our plan to have ebuilders covering all areas in NZ so you can be assured that we can deliver your dream home for you – wherever you are.  If eHaus is your preferred option, go to our website and fill in the checklist under ‘my eHaus’.  We look forward to journeying with you through the planning and construction of your new home.

Best regards
The eHaus team

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