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Out of the ground

In , by eHausDec 16, 2011

eHaus is involved with one of the most exciting residential building  projects in the country. It is of course a Passive House that is under construction, and now out of the ground, in Auckland. A team of professionals have come together to make the owners dreams come true. eHaus is responsible for the Passive Design in conjunction with Jessop Architecture. The process is, create the house design, enter this design data into the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and then determine what needs to be done to make it perform to the standard. The team at Jessop's were great to work with as they were just as passionate as us to meet the customers expectations.

Along with Carters and Auckland City Council are a list of suppliers that have all been keen to support the project as it is so clear that this is the way of the future. I am contributing to a blogg that is following the progress masterminded by Dr Paola Leardini at The University of Auckland. Here is the link

We have 5 other Passive House projects that we are working on now with capacity for more. Please give me a call or email if you want information on how we can design and build a Passive House for you.

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