Pint sized homes

In  by eHausSep 11, 2011

Recently read an article about alley homes, where housing is becoming an unaffordable option for people in cities.  Vancouver is looking at building houses on propertys where single family homes are but using the laneway, the part of the property that normally sites the garage and alleyway.  They are building minature family homes typically 45 to 90 m²  to try and provide additional housing, these properties cannot be subdivided or sold separately but rented out to provide additional income.  Therefore going someway to alleviate the much needed demand for rental properties in the city.

The homes that are being built are low energy houses, lots of insulation and triple glazing.  The size of the homes means that they consume very few resources and have a low carbon footprint.  This is exactly what eHaus is all about.

To read more on this eco-density initiative, check out the article "Right up your alley: the hidden housing trend"

pint sized homes

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