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In  by BradDec 12, 2018

Simon Penn the eHaus Whanganui District builder talked to Harry and Mary about their newly finished ehaus:

“You must be very happy to be back in a warm climate after living in Canada for all those years!”
“Well actually, No! I have been colder in New Zealand.”
“What do you mean? Canada is much colder than New Zealand.”
“Outdoors, maybe, but not in my house in Canada. The central heating kept the house warm even when it was -15o outside. But here in Whanganui, it has been 6inside some mornings!”
So, we decided to build an eHaus. At first, we were skeptical. Can we really have a house that stays between 20o and 25o all year round without any heating (except for a few very cold days in winter)? That’s what the documentation asserted. And actually, that is what the reality is.

We have no regrets. The house has lived up to its promise. When the temperature dropped to single digits in Spring, friends who built at the same time as we did – with the insulation, double-glazing and so on,  all up to spec – had to turn their heat pump on. We were still waking in the morning to 22o inside.

And it’s not just the warmth of the house. It’s also the evenness of the temperature throughout the house. We had a wood-burning stove in the house we first lived in and yes, it was very cosy in the living room. However, when we got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet (which Gold Card holders like us tend to do) it was cold! But not in our eHaus. It’s the same temperature in every room!

....Would we build another eHaus? Absolutely! Would we build with Simon Penn again? Without a doubt.

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