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Yes, we have broken the record for the most airtight house in NZ!

In , by eHausMar 08, 2011

After a very busy month the first eHaus is finished and looking beautiful. The final blower door test confirmed that the house has an air change rate per hour of only 0.62 when pressured and depressurised at 50 Pascal’s. (Most new houses leak at the rate of 5-10 AC/Hr)

Far more than that the house has been monitored for the last two weeks and even though we have had some outside temperatures as low as 6°C the house hasn’t gone below 20°C that’s with no one living in it and no heating! I should be surprised as that is exactly how the PHPP software predicted the performance of the eHaus all year round temperatures of between 20°C – 26 °C with virtually no heating required.

We have also installed a clever device that remotely measures how much power is being used on selected devices and circuits. It is then able to show the cost of running these devices on a daily weekly monthly basis. The reason why we have fitted this is because the eHaus brand is synonymous with low energy and this is the best way to prove it with real figures.

Since the opening last weekend we have had an estimated 200 people look at the house with great feedback. The house will be open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for the next two months.

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