Manawatu – Feilding

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Manawatu – Feilding

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This striking family home is set on the main street in the heart of friendly Feilding. Monika Puri and the team at 242AM have delivered a pretty special design that Warren Dunn and the Manawatu eHaus team have turned into a reality. With two bedrooms upstairs and the master bedroom set downstairs, the flow and access works perfectly. Another great feature is the storage that has been built into the garage and living spaces, pretty important for tidy living.

Design Components

Floor – Fully insulated concrete pad with a U-value of 0.182 W/(m²K)

Wall – 140mm timber frame  U-value of 0.263 W/(m²K)

Roof – Double layer of fibreglass insulation U-value of 0.131 W/(m²K)

Window Joinery Frame – Nebulite – Thermally broken aluminium. Uf value 4.30 W/(m²K)

Glazing – Double Glazed Low G Argon Ug value 1.10 W/(m²K) –  g-value = 37%

Ventilation – Zehnder Q350 ST MHRV

Hot Water – Bosch Compress 3000 – 270L capacity Hot Water heat pump

Heating/Cooling – 2.5 kW heat pump air conditioned unit

Performance Specifications

Heating Demand 29.8 kWh/m2 /year

Heating Load 19.7 W/m2

Frequency of Overheating 1.9 % year over 25C

TFA 168.8 m2

Form Factor 3.47

Air leakage @ 50Pa 1.64 ACH

PER demand 44 kWh/m2 /year

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