Designed by eHaus,

built by eHaus

Building a home is a complex orchestration of thousands of detailed tasks. We don’t want you to worry about all those details. eHaus streamline the entire design and build process starting from the day you call us, until the day you move in.

"…It is not just the end product that we are delighted with – it was also the process. We received personal attention from the eHaus team from the beginning of the process to the end. The building process was collaborative, and our input was invited to ensure we were happy with the end product. And the builders were meticulous in their attention to detail". Harry and Mary


Our eHaus Builders, all handpicked.

eHaus' don’t just happen, they’re built by an eHaus Builder. Our eHaus Builders are handpicked to join our team based on evident strength of ethics. Each eHaus Builder is a member of the professional body of either the Registered Master Builders or the Certified Builders Association. This expertise is then enhanced with eHaus’ intelligent construction training to provide you with the best building experience that New Zealand can offer. As one team in both the North and South Island, we take your eHaus from concept to reality.

Built to last

From beautiful natural exterior claddings to internal finishes, every component of eHaus is chosen to excel in longevity. All buildings must last at least 50 years by law, but we want to our houses to last for generations. Each of our building components are selected for their ability to endure what are often harsh environments – letting you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your investment will stand the test of time.


Less maintenance, more living

While your neighbours are making repairs on the weekends, you’ll be making the most of your day. eHaus' are built to require less maintenance right from the start. Work with our designers to select naturally preserved timber or stone for a durable facade. Get high thermal performance that you’ll never have to replace with eHaus’ aluminium clad, German L2 timber joinery or our New Zealand made, L1 unplasticized PVC or thermally broken aluminium joinery. From the beginning your eHaus is designed for maximum performance, less maintenance, and less hassle.


Cold feet? Not in my house

Ever wondered why you could feel the wind blowing while you’re sitting at your kitchen table with all the windows closed? eHaus' are built airtight so you’ll never feel another uncomfortable draught in your home again. A layer of protective membrane snuggly wraps the entirety of an eHaus, sealing the intelligent construction, reducing air leaks in eHausEuro by 8 times. With 8 times less heated air escaping your house, you’ll live in a home with minimal heat loss, constant temperatures throughout your spaces, and 8 times fewer cold-feet-complaints.

eHaus Euro
fewer draughts level A8
eHaus Pacific
fewer draughts level A3