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eHaus are redefining the way kiwis live, one home at a time

Every eHaus is designed and constructed with performance at the centre to create the most beautiful, efficient spaces. Choose from one of our architecturally designed build-ready plans, or start with a blank canvas and work with our designHaus to create a bespoke home, specific for you. 

Choose your performance

Every eHaus is designed and constructed to perform, but not all are designed and constructed to perform to the same level. At eHaus we have a range of performance options to select from that give you flexibility in design options, but still offer incredible comfort and health benefits.

Choose your plan

Every eHaus is architecturally designed, but it's your choice whether you start with a blank canvas and work with our designHaus team to create your bespoke design. Or choose from our range of plans that are ready to go, which we call The People's House.
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We design and construct beautifully efficient spaces

Style is all about personality and at eHaus we want it all. Intelligence and performance coupled with incredibly good looks and style. Orson Welles puts it so well when he said, “Create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others”. When it comes to your own place, creating a look that’s 'you' is what makes your house a home.

Living in an eHaus makes every day about lifestyle

The very fabric of the build is totally protected, meaning no mould or damp can get established which in time erodes at the very structure of a building. A warm dry healthy eHaus, is not only good for you but the environment too, as it will still be standing in 100 years – now that’s something great to hand onto the grandkids!

We make building a Passive House easy

We have been designing and constructing Passive Houses in New Zealand for over ten years now. We have spent the time finding the best products, ironing out the kinks in the process and finding the best people in the industry to get the job done. While building a high performing home isn't 'easy', we endeavour to make the process easy for you.

We live like the environment is a privilege and protecting it is our responsibility

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We love this slice of paradise that we call home, and we don't take our responsibility to protecting lightly. As a company, we are committed to making sure that the homes we create leave only a little impact on the land that we live in. From our on-site waste management to selecting products that utilise sustainable packaging, we do what we can to make sure that our footprint is light and our impact is great. 

Meet our team of designers and builders who make these houses happen

Our eHaus team is made up of some of the country's best Passive House builders, architects and designers who are redefining the way kiwis live one home at a time. Our team of professionals work together to see your dreams come to reality.
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