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We live like our environment is a privilege, and protecting it our responsibility.

To make a plan for the future, we need to understand where we are now; that's why we created our ecoValues. Our homes are made by professionals from all walks of life, however we share a united goal of maximising our limited resources. We can protect our environment in many ways, and by learning from each other, we will grow faster and we can be pioneers in our industry.

eHaus eco values

We know how important it is that our customers have choice and confidence in the products that make up their homes. We worked with Viv Pachoud at Bright Yellow Ltd to help us develop a responsibility matrix of key indicators that we use as our guide when partnering with suppliers. We ask some the tough questions to our suppliers like; Are your products red list free? Does your product contain recycled products? What’s the lifespan of your products? What country are your raw materials sourced from?


This criterion looks for efforts made by product suppliers and manufacturers to; limit energy use when manufacturing, use lower or negative embodied carbon products, and use renewable energy sources in the productions.


This criterion notes whether products contain Red List materials, whether they off-gas or if they degrade and release toxins over their lifespan.

resource minimalisation

This criterion notes reductions in energy, water, material and equipment use achieved by the processes, manufacturing, or shipping due to innovation and successful planning.

recyclable material

This criterion looks for whether a product can be used or recycled at the end of its usable life so that its impact is reduced and its potential is maximised.

low maintenance

This criterion compares the maintenance of products or services when compared to others that are similar. Those that have reduced maintenance due to innovation score highly.

contains recycled material

This criterion assesses based on the percentage of the product which is made from recycled materials, which can include the packaging.

recyclable/recycled packaging

This criterion measures how much of what is brought to the site in terms of packaging ends up in the skip, or how responsible the Contractors are for recycling their own waste packaging.
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