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Strandon Duo

We wanted to make sure that whatever we built had a low impact on the planet. We’ve rented both the properties before they’re even finished so it seems that people appreciate these things.

— Louise and Jonathan
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The eHaus Euro and eHaus Pacific are setting a new standard for living that we think every Kiwi deserves. Calculated, tested and proven, our homes have been designed especially to respond to the New Zealand climate and perform to varying degrees of your choice.
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The Gist of eHaus

Find out what makes an eHaus the gold standard in design and construction. Based around the five Passive House principles, along with smart energy modelling and sustainable thinking, we build the highest performing, healthiest, most comfortable homes you can live in. With the added bonus of significant savings for you and most importantly the planet. Got questions? You'll want to check out our FAQ.
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Every eHaus is making extraordinary heat energy savings

Every one of our projects are energy modelled using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). It's through this powerfully clever tool that we can accurately calculate just how much heat energy every eHaus will save when compared to a similarly- sized typical new home, built in the same climate region.
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And naturally saving carbon in the process

We believe that our homes should have a big impact on the way we live, but little impact on the land. We've calculated the amount of carbon our homes have saved from move in day 'til now. At their core, eHaus' are built with the elimination of carbon emissions in mind - so we're not only creating healthy, comfy & high performing homes, but spaces that don't cost the earth.
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We design and build spaces specific to their region

Ever wondered why kiwis build houses the same in Kaitaia as we do in Invercargill? At eHaus, we design and construct your home with your region and the land that it sits on in mind, guaranteeing levels of performance whilst still on the plans.
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We take a performance first approach to designing and constructing our spaces

A high performing home doesn't happen by accident. Energy efficiency is woven into the fabric of every eHaus using the world's most powerful Passive House design tools, and clever construction to ensure that your house performs just as it should.
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We've brought together a dream team of builders and designers and put them under one roof

Our eHaus team is made up of some of the country's best Passive House builders, architects and designers who are redefining the way kiwis live one home at a time. Our team of professionals work together to see your dreams come to reality.

We live like our environment is a privilege and protecting it is our responsibility

We love this slice of paradise that we call home, and we don't take our responsibility to protecting lightly. As a company, we are committed to making sure that the homes we create leave only a little impact on the land that we live in.
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