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The People's House Collection, uncompromised, beautifully efficient homes

Beautifully efficient, build-ready plans.

The People's House Collection are our pre-designed plans created to respond to the environment and adapt to their inhabitants. These plans take away the fear of the unknown when it comes to building a beautifully efficient space, with clear pricing structures. This build-ready collection is unlike any other in offering guaranteed next level energy efficiency, without compromising in aesthetics.
Code Built vs. People's House
Energy Consumption

How do these homes perform?

This collection operates using up to 88%* less heating energy than if these same plans were built to the NZ Building Code, and here's why. The People's House Collection has been designed and modelled to meet our eHaus Pacific performance standard. Creating a thermal envelope by ensuring there's a continuous layer of insulation that wraps around the building and using high performance joinery, this home is designed to maintain a constant minimum temperature of 20°C all year round. Some active heating or cooling will be required at certain times of the year.

*Heating energy savings based on PHPP model, using climate data for the Whanganui region.

Cleverly designed architectural plans, with the flexibility you need

The People’s House Collection makes living in a beautiful, architecturally designed, energy efficient home a reality. These plans come with budget certainty and two stunning interior design looks to choose from. The plans offer clever design, style and a new standard in healthy living.
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Designed with a sustainable heart

Everything in The People’s House Collection, from wall sizes to sustainably produced products, our on-site waste management and use of resources, has been considered. These homes make a big difference in the way we live, and you can feel good knowing your home is helping the environment with its smaller impact.
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Created to respond to its environment and adapt to its inhabitants

This plan is designed and energy modelled using clever building science based around five key principles. Correct placement on your land to capture just the right amount of sun. Superior levels of insulation that are right for your region, even fully insulated foundations. Insulated joinery, reducing heat loss with no condensation. Airtightness, stopping draughts and air leaks and using inhabitants activity as a heat source, saving you money with lower energy costs and creating a very quiet space. Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation, silently bringing in fresh filtered air while keeping the warmth inside.
Learn about the Passive House Standard

Cleverly planned and priced homes

These plans take away the fear of the unknown when it comes to building a beautifully efficient home. With clear pricing outlined, you can feel at ease knowing that this plan is ready to go. Cleverly optimising the whole space for a fabulous family home and an incredibly high quality fit out.
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Experience the People's House Collection

We know that building a new home can be a bit daunting.
That's why we've created our plans so that you can put yourself in these homes and see how it works for you before we even put a spade in the ground. Contact one of our teams today to check out a People's House Collection plan for yourself!
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