This slim three bedroom home is designed considering the narrow sections currently available in some of our most populated cities. The home embraces key district plan rules of front entrance, interaction with the street and carpark location on site. Built with environmentally conscious and locally sourced materials, this home is designed to suit kiwi families. 

With natural timber and brick this home will also be low on maintenance. Interest along the facade has been created using traditional brick in a fishtail pattern. For those living down south, the brick can easily be replaced with locally sourced stone. 

The home has 3 bedrooms, separate toilet and ensuite, ample of storage space and also hosts built-in laundry cupboard. The third bedroom positioned at the front of the house can also be duplicated as a study or an office, for those working from home.

The living /dining areas are visually connected to the street and also extends itself onto a rear courtyard, shaded with timber pergolas. Higher volumes in the living and dining bring a sense of spaciousness to this compact 3 bedroom home.

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This plan operates using 88%* less heating energy than if this same plan was built to the NZ Building Code, and here's why. The People's House Collection has been designed and modelled to meet our eHaus Pacific performance standard. Creating a thermal envelope by ensuring there's a continuous layer of insulation that wraps around the building and using high performance joinery, this home is designed to maintain a constant minimum temperature of 20°C all year round. Some active heating or cooling will be required at certain times of the year.
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We've made building a People's House simple for you. We take care of the complex details of building an energy efficient home and work with you on the details that make it a home. We always kick start our projects with a conversation, getting to know you and your project. Get in touch with us to talk about making a home in The People's House.

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