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Extraordinary heat energy savings.

An eHaus provides, on average, a mind-boggling 86% of heat energy savings. Every one of our projects is energy modelled using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). It's through this clever tool that we can accurately calculate just how much heat energy every eHaus will save when compared to a similarly-sized typical new home, built in the same climate region. Our highest savings to date is 96% can you find that project? The first eHaus we built has saved over $25,000* so far since it was built in 2011 – now that’s impressive.
*NB – Percentage and costs relate to heat energy savings only

How much is a saving of 86%?

eg. Average monthly heat energy cost 86% saving per month New average monthly heat energy cost
$100 $86 $14
$150 $129 $21
$200 $172 $28
$300 $258 $42
*NB – Percentage and costs relate to heat energy savings only

eHaus' and heat energy

The Passive House standard requires the operating temperature of the home to be no less than 20c and no more than 25c all year round, in every room. For an average home, this is often an impossible target – often requiring a continuous, and often expensive, heating or cooling option, which in most cases is still only effective in the main living areas, not the whole house. But for eHaus, this target is our reality. We are designing and constructing homes which operate within these targets everyday, giving you the confidence that every room will be a comfortable temperature with minimal heating/cooling requirements. The savings are pretty impressive and make living in a healthy comfortable home a reality.

Why does it matter?

It's great to save money on energy - but it's more than the money, it’s better for the environment. Reducing the required heating energy consumption in our homes results in: reduced power demands on our national grid; a reduction in pollution (the less energy we use, the less direct pollution we are contributing to our environment); and a reduction in carbon production – 14% of our electricity still comes from burning fossil fuels, the target needs to be 100% renewable electricity.

Many hands make light work,
and that's no different when
making savings in heat energy.

Our homes are packed with all kinds of clever, energy efficient thinking from other likeminded re-definers. We are proud to work with suppliers who think outside the box, giving you the choice to invest in energy solutions that truly make a difference.


VYNCO design and manufacture energy efficient electrical components – they even package their kit in recycled cardboard (we love this!)


Ventilation units are the heart of every eHaus, with the unit only requiring 40W of energy p/h to run. To put this into perspective, think of the old 40w light bulbs, how little energy that is!


LED light bulbs provide up to 100,000 hours of light per bulb. That’s an average of 20 years of running before it needs to be changed.


We use hot water heat pumps in our homes. Because they don’t directly generate heat, heat pump water heaters are 75% more energy-efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters cylinders.


We encourage our clients to get the right amount of solar panels for their home rather than putting in more than they actually need.


Charging your electric car at night with the surplus electricity you have gained from your solar panels during the day - brilliant.

Every eHaus project has their own heat savings badge with savings too good to ignore.

We've calculated the percentage of predicted heat energy savings for every eHaus we've ever built! Check out our projects to see just how much heat energy each eHaus is predicted to save.

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