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What is Passive House?

Passive House is an internationally recognised building standard that delivers a building that requires very little energy for space heating or cooling. The result is a home that provides a warm and comfortable living environment. The temperature is even throughout the home and operates typically between 20 and 25 degrees, while consuming minimal energy. Passive Houses consume between 75%-90% less heating energy than a conventional house.

Every eHaus is modelled using the Passive House Planning Package design software (PHPP)

A high performing home doesn't happen by accident, precise planning and intentional design is essential. Energy efficiency is woven into the fabric of every eHaus using the world's most powerful design tool, the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). This tool allows us to determine the most suitable form of the building and instantly shows the impact of design decisions on the building's energy efficiency.
Passive House explained
Not just a house, it's an eHaus
Benefits of Passive House Design

Measured, proven performance you can live by

Taking into account everything from the environment where the house will sit to the number of people and pets that might live in the space, the PHPP predicts how your house will perform before a single piece of grass is turned – the performance of every eHaus isn't just an educated guess, but a measured result that you can trust.
Stopping those unwanted draughts and air leaks creating a beautiful, quiet space to enjoy.

modelled using phpp

Every eHaus is measured to international standard for energy efficiency and comfort while still on the plans. Giving you total confidence your architecturally designed house will perform.


The intelligence of a PassivHaus. Quietly working in the background so you can breathe fresh filtered air, stay warm and use less energy.

substantial levels of insulation

Creating year-round comfortable, low-energy, quiet spaces.

highest quality efficient joinery

This means no condensation, mould or unwanted draughts. Beautifully engineered with double or triple glazing to capture free solar energy and reduce heat loss.
no thermal bridges
Keeping heat in just like a thermos flask.
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