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eHaus Pacific, our high performing standard for kiwis

The eHaus Pacific provides more flexibility in design options while still offering the incredible comfort and health benefits the PassivHaus building science provides. With a lowered threshold on performance, the eHaus Pacific is perfect for those with a tighter budget. We stand by the performance of an eHaus Pacific with our own verification on completion. 

Choose from our build-ready plans or work with our team of designers to bring your dream plans to life. The eHaus Pacific is completely customisable in its looks whilst keeping its promises in its performance.

The eHaus Pacific range is designed by eHaus for kiwis

The eHaus Pacific is energy modelled using the PHPP and built using the five Passive House Principles. Developed by eHaus using the same proven Passive House building science, every Pacific is validated to prove its performance and given an eHaus badge.

eHaus Pacific features

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation
The intelligence of PassivHaus design. This system works efficiently in the background so you can breathe fresh air and stay warm while using less energy.
Our homes have fresh filtered air, with up to 98% of pollutants removed - you can guarantee your tissue consumption will be reduced!
Super Insulation
We use the right amount of insulation to match your regional climate. With a fully insulated slab, eHaus’ are made to keep more heat in, like a thermos flask.
Air Tightness
eHaus’ are built air-tight to stop draughts and air leaks, saving you money and creating a beautiful, quiet space to enjoy.
Windows and Doors
Fitted with thermally efficient Low E & Argon gas windows that eliminate condensation, draughts and mould. Double or triple glazing also captures free solar energy and reduces heat loss.
Constant Temperature Technology
You can live in every room of an eHaus no matter the season. Every room is designed to operate between 20–25° all year round.
We offer a full design service, taking your dreams from concept to reality.
minimal THermal Bridges
Thermal bridges are one of the most significant sources of energy loss within a building. An eHaus is designed to minimise this escape and save energy.
Modelled using PHPP
Every eHaus is measured to international standards for energy efficiency and comfort while still on the plans. Giving you total confidence your architecturally designed house will perform.
Unprecedented heating energy efficiency
The Pacific maintains a minimum temperature of 20°c using up to 50kWh per m2 for an entire year. Comparatively, a typical NZ standard code build home requires at least 120kWh per m2 to maintain a similar temperature for a year.

We have a dynamic team of designers
working across the country

Our designHaus is packed full of clever thinkers and makers that understand the principles of Passive House and have a unique ability to make them work together to design a space where you and your family can thrive.
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Full Technical Specifications

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eHausPacific eHausEuro eHausEuro eHausEuro eHausEuro eHausEuro
Passive House International Equivalent N/A PHI Low Energy Classic Plus Premium PHI Enerphit
Air Tightness
Super Insulation
German Engineered Windows & Doors NZ made eHaus designed windows & doors
Filtration G4 F7 F7 F7 F7 F7
Mechanical HRV
Constant Temp. Technology
Individual Design Service
Certified eHaus Verified PHi Low Energy Passive House Passive House Passive House Passive House
Space Heating Demand
(Up to max. of)
50 kWh/(m2a) 30 kWh/(m2a) 15 kWh/(m2a) 15 kWh/(m2a) 15 kWh/(m2a) 25 kWh/(m2a)
Primary Energy
(Up to max. of)
*Primary Energy Renewable
150 kWh/(m2a) 120 kWh/(m2a) 120 kWh/(m2a) 60 kWh/(m2a)* 30 kWh/(m2a)* 120 kWh/(m2a)
Air Tightness
(Up to max. of)
2.0 ACHn50 1.0 ACHn50 0.6 ACHn50 0.6 ACHn50 0.6 ACHn50 1.0 ACHn50
Net Zero Lifestyle      
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Passive House FAQs

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