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At eHaus, we live like efficiency is our point, and intelligent construction our norm. We live like our environment is a privilege, and protecting it our responsibility. We live like New Zealanders are our passion, and ingenuity is our response,

– eHaus, our design.

eHaus was established in 2010 by Jon Iliffe and Baden & Glenda Brown with the dream of creating a New Zealand owned and operated specialist design and construction company using PassivHaus build and design principles.

Jon, a Mechanical Production Engineer from Rolls Royce Motors, arrived in New Zealand and looking to build a family home went seeking out alternative options and found the PassivHaus way.

Baden, a master builder of 20 years, disillusioned with the poor performance of the high-end homes he was building for clients, also was seeking other options and discovered PassivHaus. Together, with Jon and Glenda - Financial director, eHaus was formed.

Today eHaus is recognised as award winning and New Zealand leaders in PassivHaus design and construction.

As a company, we are guided by our vision, mission and our values

Our vision 'We live PassivHaus' is where we are heading, our mission 'to lead the way in PassivHaus design, architecture and construction' is who we are and why we exist, and our values; excellence, co-operative, innovative and authoritative is how we do it all.
our team
eHaus team outside modern new build with mountains in the background

Meet our team of designers and builders working to bring our vision and mission to life

Our eHaus team is made up of some of the country's best Passive House builders, architects and designers who are redefining the way kiwis live one home at a time. Our team of professionals work together to see your dreams come to reality.
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