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Changes to the NZ Building Act

In  by Sarah CarsonApr 17, 2024

Recent developments at the central government level bring significant changes to construction procedures. The Cabinet has recently greenlit a bill aimed at expediting the approval process of major projects. While the focus initially lies outside the residential sector, this move promises to accelerate developments through the approval process, a welcome change for developers who have long faced obstacles delaying their projects and, in some cases, leading to cancellations.

Additionally, updates to the Building Act have been announced, including:

  • Recognition of overseas building product standards, eliminating the need for costly verification by New Zealand designers or builders.
  • Authorisation for Building Consent Authorities to accept products meeting specific overseas standards that are equivalent to or surpass those in New Zealand.
  • Approval of building products certified through overseas certification schemes.

These revisions mark a significant shift in the industry, aimed at reducing building costs without compromising quality, a priority for eHaus. This not only makes construction and renovation more accessible and affordable but also bolsters New Zealand's resilience to recent supply chain disruptions.

Minister for Building and Construction, Chris Penk, recently explained to Kerre Woodham, from Newstalk ZB, why these changes are welcome news and an "easy win".

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