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A need to vent: a quality ventilation system in your home is a breath of fresh air

In  by Sarah CarsonMar 05, 2024

Every summer we want to open windows and doors to encourage air flow through the house - if we’re lucky on those hot, humid days to get a breeze. But without adequate shade, the sun and heat continues to pour in, and a breath of wind often brings allergens.

In winter, we heat our houses (and pay to do so) yet 40 per cent of the heat can quickly disappear out the windows. Closing your curtains early in the evening helps keep in some heat as the sun goes down. 

Heating in Kiwi homes is often in living spaces, rather than bedrooms or hallways, so these areas stay cold with temperatures often falling below 18 degrees. The World Health Organisation says for comfortable sleeping, bedrooms should be between 18 and 22 degrees (or a minimum of 20 degrees for houses with young children, elderly or ill people).

Another important aspect is what is going on behind the walls. Mould affects our health and unfortunately finds itself any comfortable space to grow with consistently cold temperatures.

The solution to any of these issues in a home is an efficient ventilation system along with adequate insulation, high performing windows, and shading.

Some might think having a house with a ventilation system is not warranted: it’s an extra expense. Why not continue to open windows and doors on a hot day, or put on a jumper when it’s cold?

Thankfully we have come a long way since that kind of thinking. We can rely on solid data and information that tells us these standards are just not conducive to a healthy home environment. In the summer you can certainly still open your windows and doors. But when it is so hot you don't want to be outside, a ventilation system provides a comfortably cool environment with fresh air continuously circulating. The filtering system takes care of dust and pollens, keeping you allergy free. In the winter, depending on your living style, a ventilation system may mean you won’t even need extra heating.

At eHaus, this is our standard. We will never build a home without good thermally broken windows, substantial insulation and a ventilation system: the recipe for a warm, healthy and energy-efficient home that’s better for your well-being and kinder to your pocket.

You can learn more about the role ventilation plays in creating a comfortable living environment here.

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