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eHaus News // Autumn 2022

In  by Katelyn BrownMay 02, 2022


01. Air filters – do you really know how they work?
02. Making a difference this May – World Asthma Day
03. eHaus Waikato working directly with a new Hamilton-based upcycling plant
04. Our regional teams are growing and changing
05. We're making the news!

No tissues are needed this Autumn. It's hard to believe, but thanks to the clever built-in Mechanical Heat Recovery units placed in every eHaus, over 98% of irritants and pollutants are removed from the air before they enter your home. The end result being clean fresh filtered air, 24/7. For those who suffer from allergies at this time of the year, that might seem too good to be true - but it’s a fact.

At eHaus, we use both G4 and F7 Zehnder filters in our mechanical heat recovery units. F7 for supply - (the fresh air coming in) and G4 for return air (the stale air heading out). Between them, these filters do the brunt of the filtration work to keep the unit running efficiently and delivering the cleanest air.

So, what’s the difference?

The F7 is a high-efficiency multi-pocket, designed to remove very fine dust particles from the air including soot, pollens, mould spores and bacteria. Used in hotels, museums, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, plants, hospitals and eHaus’.

The G4 is a coarser filter designed to capture pollen, fog and dust particles. However, it will also capture leaves, insects, textile fibres, sand, ash, mist hair and vehicle emissions. As a result of all of this captured by the filter, allergic reactions are decreased.

Check out this cute little video that explains filters brilliantly.

World Asthma day – 3 May 2022 Closing Gaps in Asthma Care

World Asthma Day (WAD) is organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), a World Health Organization collaborative initiative founded in 1993. WAD is held each May to raise awareness of Asthma worldwide.

Although asthma cannot be cured, it is possible to manage asthma to reduce and prevent asthma attacks. GINA has chosen ‘Closing Gaps in Asthma Care’ as the theme for the 2022 World Asthma Day.

eHaus are a proud Gold sponsor of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation. Our funds go towards free educational tools for both children and health care providers in New Zealand. Our regional teams support their local regions and get in behind raising awareness and providing solutions for families who suffer with respiratory conditions everyday.

If you would like to support this day, check out how you can give by clicking here.

We know how important it is that people have choice and confidence in the products that make up their homes. At eHaus we feel the same way, and are always seeking out alternative products that align with our own responsibility matrix of key indicators that guide us when partnering with suppliers.

SaveBOARD - ticks all of our eco responsibility matrix boxes with Low Carbon Building Materials made from Upcycled packaging made in New Zealand. These are healthy, affordable, high performance, low carbon building materials that make a circular economy an everyday reality. This Hamilton based manufacturing plant take everyday packaging waste upcycle it into high performing building materials.

saveBOARD is the perfect example of the kind of new choices available thanks to this innovative approach to dealing with waste and creating a circular solution for products that are in such high demand ie: wall linings and exterior rigid air barrier. Also, just recently tested and confirmed, the rigid air barrier is suitable for: wigluv tapes - a Siga product used in the construction of making an eHaus weather and air tight.

But wait, there’s an eHaus twist to this story. Our very own eHaus Waikato team have been working directly with saveBOARD who have agreed to take all soft plastic waste generated onsite to incorporate in with the shredded tetra Pak when they manufacture saveBOARD. A total win/win with eHaus Waikato managing their onsite waste responsibly reducing the need for landfill. The perfect solution and yet another example of eHaus living its values.


  1. Reduced carbon footprint
  2. Non-toxic
  3. Resource Minimalisation
  4. Recyclable Material
  5. Low Maintenance
  6. Contains Recycled Material

eHaus Gisborne, previously owned by Rod Dear, has been recently sold to William and Sarah Hallgarth.

Operating as Peak Construction in Gisborne, William’s interest in Passive construction, high quality builds, and sustainable building, eHaus was a natural fit and an excellent opportunity to develop this further. Born and bred in Gisborne, William and Sara have two children, Emily and Rosie. Sara is currently completing her third year of her Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) and in their spare time, the family enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and spending hours at the beautiful beaches of Tairāwhiti.

“Eco homes are all about resilience and punching above their weight”
We're making the news! The conversation volume about higher performing homes is being turned up. eHaus was recently approach to be part of a feature story which talked about the benefits of building an eco-friendly home and one of our very own eHaus staff, Jon Iliffe, and clients Heather from Taupo, and Lani from Foxton, were asked for their thoughts on the topic. It is so refreshing to see the light being shone on this topic, and encouraging conversations around why a home built the eHaus way is our future.

Click here to read the Trademe Property Article

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