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eHaus News // Spring 2021

In  by BradNov 04, 2021

Spring brings the anticipation of something new and a time to reset. In this issue, we shine the light on allergy sufferers and offer a solution to that tissue consumption, our team has expanded to include yet another exceptional group of builders in the South Island, new trends, new initiatives and new approaches to the NZ Building Code.


01.   No sneezing necessary
02.   Meet the eHaus Waitaki team 
What really makes a home healthy?
04.   Evaluating building performance for low-carbon houses
05.   Planning for EV's in our homes
06.   Trends we're loving right now

Every season has its unique flavour, which we welcome with open arms as we say goodbye to the previous one. But for all its beauty and anticipation, Spring can be a tricky time of year, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

But there is a solution, and it’s called an eHaus. Every eHaus is fitted with a high grade filtration system that will block particles up to 3 times thinner than a human hair, and remove 98% of any airborne irritants and nasties, including viruses. We can also go one step higher to the ultimate and add a medical grade hepa filter system that is so fine it will remove 99.9% of particulates. You can choose the option and also benefit from the automated filter replacement service that eHaus offers.

Having the confidence that you and your family have fresh filtered air 24/7, and allergy sufferers can breathe easy, is definitely something to consider when building your new home.

Interested to learn more about the way our ventilation systems work? Join us for a free webinar, happening on Tuesday, 9th November from 7pm at your place! Register via the link below.

Our team has expanded, and we are proud to have Mike Lowe, Daniel Carson and their team from McBrimar Homes taking the license for the Waitaki & McKenzie Country region.

McBrimar Homes are a family-run business, dedicated to building quality, inviting homes that their clients can be proud of. Understanding that there is no ‘one size that fits all’, they take the time to learn exactly what their clients want from a new home and offer a flexible range of building solutions to bring that vision to life.

The team cover the Waitaki/McKenzie region, and are currently servicing the eHaus Otago region, and are excited to get their first eHaus underway. They welcome enquiries from anyone who is looking to build in this area.

If you are looking to build in this region, give the team a call on (03) 434 8660 or email to get your eHaus project underway.

The SuperHome movement are a well established not-for-profit organisation who are on a mission to transform the New Zealand building industry. Damien and his team are currently touring NZ, educating kiwis about just what makes a home healthy. eHaus were proud to host Whanganui's event, sharing what we're learning and what's happening in the high-performing industry.

For us at eHaus, it's our dream to see every kiwi redefining the way they live in healthy, warm and comfy homes, and we're excited to know that we're not the only ones!

Check out the SuperHome Movement's website to find an event happening near you, and while you're there, check out their Healthy Home Design Guide.

BRANZ have bought together primary stakeholders to co-design a collective roadmap for evaluating building performance and Jon Iliffe, one of our eHaus directors, had a seat at the table.

BRANZ have recognised the need for all NZ buildings to be warm dry, healthy and zero carbon but there is currently no consistent, integrated New Zealand-based online solution to evaluate whether a design will meet these performance requirements.

The aim of this project is to discover how they can work towards creating a web-based, accessible, integrated solution, that draws on existing tools and data (possibly with adaptation). Through surveys and working groups, this project will identify key themes and issues, and develop recommendations for measuring building performance in the future.

Read the full approach as the best heads in New Zealand come together and establish a plan of attack to work through options and some solutions for this critically important topic facing our environment.

We have quite a few eHaus owners that already own EV’s, and factoring in the right technology to support them is standard with every eHaus. Just another great way of making a difference to the way we can contribute to our future and protecting the environment.

Check out this great article from Archipro on how you can fuel up at home.

Our designHaus designer, Dean Baldock from The Architecture People, gives us the low down on what's trending in the world of architecture.

This one is definitely not a new kid on the block. Polished plaster has been used as an interior wall finish since ancient times, and made its first comeback with the 'Tuscan' decorating movement of the 90's (which some of us may be trying to forget). But like all comebacks, polished plaster's resurgence comes with a fresh twist, now available in a range of colours and the knowledge of different applications to achieve stunning finishes.

From our team to yours we want to say thanks for your support to us. We often say 'Without you eHaus is just an idea', we truly can't do what we do without you!

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