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eHaus wins again!

In  by eHausMar 16, 2017

eHaus wins the "Cost effectiveness Award" at South Pacific Passive House Conference 2017.


Baden, Jon and Vlada joined with others recently at the South Pacific Passive House Conference in Christchurch. The weekend was invaluable for collaboration, networking and information gathering as passive housing takes a stronghold in the NZ market.  eHaus won an award at the weekend which we are particularly pleased about.  This was the cost effective award for eHaus Parthenay - which demonstrates to build an eHaus does not have to cost you the earth!  eHaus Parthenay is very cleverly designed to maximise every space available yet making it an affordable, healthy, comfortable home.  Talk to us today about how we can deliver for you, your very own eHaus.     Phone:  0800 4 eHaus

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