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Health and Comfort Comes Standard

In , by andreaJun 15, 2020

Next in our designHaus series, we interviewed Glenn Murdoch, Architectural Designer from Theca Architecture in Christchurch.

At eHaus we are seeing more clients now placing health and comfort at the top of their list of must haves when discussing the design of their new home.

As a designer have you seen a shift in the focus placed on health and comfort requirements?   What do you do to ensure that criteria is met?

“I think the conversation is yet to move to health and comfort.  People are still focused on ‘energy-efficiency’ as the metric they use, whatever that might mean for them.  For some people it means being warm, for some it means being cool, for some it just means not having condensation on their windows.

All these people are actually talking about health and comfort, they just don’t realise it.  We work to reframe the conversation to be focused on health and comfort rather than energy-efficiency.  This allows us to take the conversation into other directions with a health and comfort foundation, such as the way your home makes you feel, how it might improve your metal health, how its carbon footprint can be lesser.”

eHaus achieves the health and comfortable requirements as every room in an eHaus is between 20-25 degrees, all year round.  The air quality is extremely high with 98% of pollen removed from the air. There is no mould, dust or condensation in an eHaus.  This all makes for comfortable and healthy living.

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