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New Zealand's First Low Carbon Concrete Floor Slab Poured

In  by andreaSep 07, 2020

New Zealand's first low carbon concrete with D5 Green was poured in Nelson last week. It was a 49m3 floor slab for an eHaus PassivHaus which kicked off a new partnership between eHaus and Neocrete. Neocrete NZ supply D5 Green - an innovative admixture to concrete that improves its performance and reduces its carbon footprint.

With D5 Green, over 1.5 ton reduction in embodied carbon of the floor slab was achieved (the equivalent of a return flight between Paris and New York). This was through reduction in cement and removal of other carbon-intensive admixtures and replacing them with D5 Green at only 3% of cement (around 370 kgs of D5 Green in total). A very promising result, given very limited solutions available in NZ for carbon reduction for concrete.

To put this carbon reduction into perspective, 1 ton of CO2 is equivalent to:
•       The average emissions of one passenger on a return-flight from Paris to New York
•       Driving 6,000 km with a diesel car
•       4300 kWh power consumption

We are continuously developing innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of an eHaus and this milestone is another step in the right direction!

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