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PassivHaus, proven measured performance

In , by andreaMar 17, 2020

Welcome to our new designHaus series, where we will interview our team of expert Architects and Designers on all things Passive House.

First in the designHaus series, is Sian Taylor, Architect & Certified Passive House Designer from Team Green Architects.

So many new homes are not measured for performance before they are built – how important is the PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) modelling at the early stages of the design? 

"We now see this as a vital tool and a step which we take with every project. It gives us and the client real information about where best to spend their budget. The biggest thing we have noticed from doing this on every project for the last 3 years, is that there are less rules of thumb than we thought, and it is important to look at each project and the construction options available relative to the design/site and clients expectations and brief."

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