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Otago St Clair Dunedin Certified, Passive House Classic


This amazing home sits south west over the coastal view.  The architects had to solve the issue of being able to enjoy the vista while enabling some shelter from the prevailing winds. Super insulation was used along with Triple argon filled low-E coated glazing necessary for the climate this far south. European windows by ecoWindows in wood and aluminium also feature. This grid tied photo-voltiaic home is perfect for this progressive family, often generating more energy than it uses.

Extraordinary heat energy savings.

Every one of our projects are energy modelled using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). It's through this powerfully clever tool that we can accurately calculate just how much heat energy every eHaus will save when compared to a similarly- sized typical new home, built in the same climate region.

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This project is making significant carbon savings for a better environment.

We believe that our homes should have a big impact on the way we live, but little impact on the land. We've calculated the amount of carbon our homes have saved through energy efficiency from move in day 'til now. At their core, eHaus' are built with the elimination of carbon emissions in mind - so we're not only creating healthy, comfy & high performing homes, but spaces that don't cost the earth.

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Meet the team of designers and builders behind this project

Our eHaus team is made up of some of the country's best Passive House builders, architects and designers who are redefining the way kiwis live one home at a time. Our team of professionals work together to see your dreams come to reality.
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Design Components

EPS raft slab 200mm U-value = 0.131 W/(m²K)
140mm timber frame with service cavity U-value = 0.212 W/(m²K)
Double layer of fibreglass insulation U-value = 0.119 W/(m²K)
Window Joinery Frame
EcoWindows – Wood Alu HA 78 Premium U f-value = 1.30 W/(m²K)
Triple glazing Argon U g-value = 0.60 W/(m²K) g -value = 54%
Zehnder Comfo Air R 350 MHRV
Hot Water
250L Hot water cylinder
Under tile heating mat on ensuite and bath

Performance Specs

Heating Demand: 12.04 kWh/m²/yr
Heating Load: 13.7 W/m²
Frequency of Overheating: 0% year over 25C
TFA: 181.9 m²
Form Factor: 3.04
Air Leakage@50Pa: 0.50 ACH
PE Demand: 95 kWh/m²/yr


Team Green Architects


Mead Energy and Architectural Design

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