Alva Street Units Floors Going Down

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An important aspect of the Dunedin High Co-housing project is energy efficiency.  Insulation is a key component that will increase the energy efficiency of these homes.  The polystyrene floor insulation for the Alva Street units is currently going down and the thickness of the insulation is much greater than what would be found in a conventional build, to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Alva Street Units Dunedin Co-housing Project
Alva Street Units Flooring Insulation

The floors are down on the 1st level of some of the High Street units along with the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) going up on the walls of the 1st level.  The Structural Insulated Panels are assisting with the rapid construction of the units and will also maximise the future performance of the homes with the greater level of insulation and air tightness they provide.

High Street Units

The structural steel is now up for all the High Street units and the eHaus Otago team continue to put the Structural Insulated Panels up on the ground level walls.

High Street Units on the right, Alva Street Unit foundations straight ahead

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