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eHaus Spring 2017 News

In  by glendaOct 02, 2017

 A recently completed eHaus in Twizel designed in collaboration with Hiberna Ltd.

Greetings from the team at eHaus

Its the start of a new season which is always a welcome change with new growth and the start of something fresh and exciting in the air. Business has been brisk through the nation wide eHaus team, with the number of eHaus builds and inquiries double on this time last year.  Its an exciting time as we see more and more New Zealanders seeking more from their new builds.

On top of this there has been loads happening in house with new staff joining our designHaus, and new eHaus Builders expanding our teams and opening up new regions through New Zealand.

This newsletter features
- Our new brand tagline
- Passive House International open days
- The great Iceblock Challenge down south
- The Multi comfort video link showcasing a school build in the UK


A new brand tagline

Our new tagline - "Redefining the way we live", raises questions and challenges thinking. Redefining what? For who? and How? This represents eHaus as a business. Constantly challenging and asking questions. Looking forward, lifting standards and improving quality. Offering something new and defining us as trusted leaders in PassivHaus intelligence.

Our mission 'Leading the way in PassivHaus design, architecture and construction"  is the driving force behind all that we do, and our new tagline "Redefining the way we live", supports and inspires us to achieve this.

Suggesting so much more than a house, or building - an eHaus offers new way.  Healthier living, unparalleled comfort and a home that requires little energy to run.  At eHaus we don't just craft beautiful spaces, we want to positively impact on the way New Zealanders  live.   As the pioneers of PassivHaus in New Zealand, eHaus is the redefinition of German technology, functioning in the New Zealand landscape.  "Redefine" also suggests a constant growth and a constant questioning of current standards. This keeps us at the cutting edge of construction and design.

This new way of talking is what will set us apart and keep us at the forefront to meet the needs of our customers as we move forward.


International Passive House Open Days
10-12 November 2017

Passive House buildings worldwide open their doors

Share your Passive House experience and be rewarded

From 10 – 12 November 2017, the International Passive House Open Days, put on by iPHA and its International Affiliates, will take place for the 14th year in a row. By participating with your own Passive House home, office, or even construction site, you can share your experiences and show what Passive House is all about. Spread the word and offer others the chance to experience the benefits Passive House offers first hand!

There is still time to participate! Register your home or building by 15th October for a chance to win great prizes.

How to register:

Registration is done through the Passive House Database. If you would like to open a Passive House building already registered with the Passive House Database, simply log in to your account and fill out the information on this year’s Passive House Open Days. For more information please visit the iPHA website.



The IceBox Challenge - Papanui Christchurch
23rd September - 01 October - THECA GROUP

Making it onto national news the IceBox challenge is a public experiment and contest, pitting a building built to the minimum NZ Building Code standard against one built to the internationally recognised Passive House Standard.

Two buildings, the IceBoxes, are built. One to the NZ Building Code standard and one to the Passive House Standard. Into each building is placed a 500 kg block of ice, and the buildings are left in the sun for nine days.

Which building will perform better? Which building will have more ice left after nine days in the sun?

A fun way to raise awareness about Passive House construction. Join us in following the outcome  


A feature article of interest 

We read with great interest an article about a how school design boosts students performance.
Asking the question - How can health and well designed schools improve students' performance?At eHaus we are fielding more and more inquiries about building schools in New Zealand using the PassivHaus principles. This is something that really excites us, where we can challenge the current standards and redefine the way we learn.Saint-Gobain is a reputable company - they manufacture the glass we use for the windows in many of our eHaus projects.Read more
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The eHaus team
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