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H1 building code and homes over-heating: Will this be NZ's next major building problem?

In , by Sarah CarsonMar 20, 2024

At eHaus we have always maintained the importance of keeping a home at an even temperature, so a home does not overheat in the summer or get too cold in the winter. Energy modelling & managing solar gain at the design stage will mitigate the excessive heat problems in the summer, and is something we do for every project we design.

The H1 changes recently introduced by MBIE may go some way in addressing a more comfortable house in the winter, but little thought has been attributed to managing solar gain in the summer creating an over-heating problem, as a recent NZHerald article highlights. Ventilation has not been adequately considered as part of the H1 discussion either, contributing to poor air quality and moisture damage.

Will this be our next major building problem?

Read the full NZHerald article here: Homeowners hit with soaring bills as they struggle to cool new Auckland townhouses

One owner's bedroom had a temperature of 30C at 9pm.

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