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Auckland Coatesville eHaus Euro, Certified, Passive House Classic


This grand French-style residence is designed to accommodate three generations, featuring two double-level homes connected by a spacious kitchen and scullery. Each wing boasts a master suite with a walk-in robe and ensuite, along with a sitting room and study for added comfort and privacy. The lower level houses a living area in each wing, and three more bedrooms centred around the connecting kitchen space. Outdoor living is emphasised with numerous tiled spaces. With a total floor area of 253sqm and an additional 72sqm garage, this home offers ample space for family living and entertainment.


"It’s extremely comfortable and it’s a very elegant form of living. We’ve found you don’t really notice temperature variances at all and if you do notice a slight warming or cooling it happens very gradually. Adding to that the lack of condensation, mold, even dust, it’s really just an incredible way to live."

— Harpal Kler

Extraordinary heat energy savings.

Every one of our projects are energy modelled using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). It's through this powerfully clever tool that we can accurately calculate just how much heat energy every eHaus will save when compared to a similarly- sized typical new home, built in the same climate region.

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This project is making significant carbon savings for a better environment.

We believe that our homes should have a big impact on the way we live, but little impact on the land. We've calculated the amount of carbon our homes have saved through energy efficiency from move in day 'til now. At their core, eHaus' are built with the elimination of carbon emissions in mind - so we're not only creating healthy, comfy & high performing homes, but spaces that don't cost the earth.

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Design Components

Fully insulated concrete pad with a U-value of 0.184 W/(m²K)
ecoBlock ICF wall with a U-value of 0.267 W/(m²K)
Double layer of fibreglass insulation with a U-value of 0.154 W/(m²K)
Window Joinery Frame
ECO WINDOWS-HILZINGER, KBE PRESTIGE- uPVC Fitted with Rolatherm blind system on west facing glazing with a U-value of 1.40 W/(m²K)
Isolar Neutralux Advance 4-16-4 Low E Argon with a Ug-value of 1.1W/(m²K) g-value of 62%
2 x Zehnder ComfoAir Q350 MHRV
Hot Water
2 solar Hot water system (3.7m²) each with 300 litre storage
2kW heaters fitted in lounge, 600W heated town rails
Power Generation
6.75kW solar photovoltaic array
Ecological features
112,500 litre water harvesting storage system for potable water. 50,000 litre water harvesting storage for irrigation

Performance Specs

Total Floor Area: 325.8 m²
Ground Floor Area: 253 m²
Garage Floor Area: 72.8m²
Heating Demand: 7 kWh/m²/yr
Heating Load: 9 W/m²
TFA: 379.3 m²
Form Factor: 2.85
Air Leakage@50Pa: 0.3 ACH
PE Demand: 100 kWh/m²/yr


eHaus - Jon Iliffe



Take a tour through a certified Passive House with Jon from eHaus

Explore inside a certified Passive House in Auckland, New Zealand. Find out more about passive house design and performance and learn why eHaus are so passionate about this approach to building.

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