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Toiora High Street Co-housing Project eHaus Euro, Certified, Passive House Classic


In 2013 the Urban Co-housing Otepoti was formed, and over a six-year period, the group developed and refined their ideas and requirements into an economically viable, energy efficient co-housing development project. The group now known as Toiora High Street CoHousing Community purchased a 5,000 sqm site that was the former High Street Primary School and in November 2018, eHaus Otago commenced construction. The project is New Zealand’s first certified passive house co-housing development. There are 21 passive house homes, ranging in size from two bedroom to large five-bedroom homes, each with their own private outdoor area. All the homes are certified to the International Passive House "Classic" standard, with triple glazing, thicker wall construction, superior insulation than new conventionally built houses as well as being designed to ensure they meet the Passive House air tightness standard. Combined with individual mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems to ensure that fresh filtered air circulates the homes and keeping the temperature between 20-22 degrees all year round. In addition to the 21 Passive Houses, part of the former school buildings has also been modified to accommodate a large communal community centre which includes dining area, offices and meeting rooms. Passive House Classic Certification was awarded in two parts; the first consisting of 6 homes in a single terraced row referred to the Alva Street block. The second a multi level development of 15 units referred to as the High Street block.


"It feels wonderful to be in our new home. I actually think I may be ruined for living anywhere else because our standard has risen so much, it’s amazing. I’m not worried about whether the kids are cold or warm which was a really big thing for us in the house we were in before. For us, a house that is sustainable feels really good!"

— Jessica Ross

Extraordinary heat energy savings.

Every one of our projects are energy modelled using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). It's through this powerfully clever tool that we can accurately calculate just how much heat energy every eHaus will save when compared to a similarly- sized typical new home, built in the same climate region.

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This project is making significant carbon savings for a better environment.

We believe that our homes should have a big impact on the way we live, but little impact on the land. We've calculated the amount of carbon our homes have saved through energy efficiency from move in day 'til now. At their core, eHaus' are built with the elimination of carbon emissions in mind - so we're not only creating healthy, comfy & high performing homes, but spaces that don't cost the earth.

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Meet the team of designers and builders behind this project

Our eHaus team is made up of some of the country's best Passive House builders, architects and designers who are redefining the way kiwis live one home at a time. Our team of professionals work together to see your dreams come to reality.
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Design Components

EPS raft slab 360mm U-value = 0.103 W/(m²K)
SIP Panels 165mm U-value = 0.303 W/(m²K))
Fibreglass, total thickness 240mm U-value = 0.167 W/(m²K)
Window Joinery Frame
Energate, uPVC 843 U w-value = 1.27 W/(m²K)
Triple glazing low e Argon U g-value = 0.63 W/(m²K) g -value = 62%
Zehnder MHRV
Hot Water
Central hot water heat pump + tank hot water for each building with water meters for hot water to each unit
Resistance electric heating in each unit

Performance Specs

Alva Block High Block
Heating Demand 20.9 kWh/m²/yr 12.3 kWh/m²/yr
Heating Load 9.7W/ m² 7.3W/ m²
TFA 626.5 m² 1200.5 m²
Form Factor 2.38 1.9
Air Leakage@50Pa 0.47 0.6
PER Demand 60 kWh/m²/yr 49.8 kWh/m²/yr


Birgit Bartel


Jason Quinn

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