Whanganui District – Parthenay

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Whanganui District – Parthenay

eHaus Euro - Certified Passive House Plus (2017)

This striking family home was the first in Australasia to be certified Passive House Plus. Its performance has been monitored and reported on and it also featured in the book Positive Energy Homes. The buildings simple rectangular form maximises energy efficiency and easy of construction. It was designed and sized to match the Ecoblock Wall system with minimum waste.

The house opens up to impressive mountain views to the north. A bold use of colour inside adds immediate character and personalises the bedrooms for each of the family’s three teenage boys. The home provides excellent year round comfort including during the summer months, – no active cooling is required. This has been achieved in part due to the modest amounts of glazing on the eastern and western walls and well sized overhangs to the north.

NB: Initially certified as a Passive House by BRE UK in 2014. Sustainable Engineering subsequently certified it as a Passive House Plus in 2017


South Pacific Passive House Low Cost Award

Design Components

Floor – Fully insulated concrete pad with a U-value of 0.24 W/(m²K)

Wall – ecoBlock ICF wall  U-value of 0.261 W/(m²K)

Roof – Double layer of fibreglass insulation U-value of 0.145 W/(m²K)

Window Joinery Frame – eco Windows German laminated timber with aluminium outer facade (Wood Alu) Uf value 1.5 W/(m²K)

Glazing – Double Glazed Low E Argon Ug value 1.10 W/(m²K) G Value 61%

Ventilation – Zehnder Comfo Air 350 MHRV

Hot Water – Heat Pump with external 285litre water storage

Heating/Cooling – 400W Ceramic Panel

Power generation – 3kW Solar PV system

Ecological features  – 22,500 litre water harvesting system. Natural flow black and grey water treatment system with composting.

Performance Specifications

Heating Demand: 6.2 kWhy/m2/yr

Heating Load: 9 W/m2

Frequency of Overheating: 0%

TFA: 134.5 m2

Form Factor: 2.9

Air Leakage@50Pa: 0.47 ach

PER demand: 33 kWh/m2/yr

Renewable Energy Generation: 45 kWh/m2/yr

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